Dependable Client Services Candidates in Austin

Hi Dennis,

Happy New Year! I am eager to discuss the wealth management candidates I am representing in Austin.

These candidates are hand-selected, screened, and interviewed by us. They are still employed but passively seeking the right opportunity.

See a handful of our candidates in Austin:

Financial Advisor
  • Educated clients on a diverse range of financial products and services, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of available options
  • Conducted client meetings to assess financial objectives, risk tolerance, expenses, and long-term goals, laying the groundwork for personalized financial strategies
  • Developed strategic plans utilizing various financial products to align with and achieve clients’ specific financial goals and objectives
  • Kept abreast of financial trends through continuous market research, enabling the provision of informed and up-to-date advice to clients
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analyzing and explaining market data, leveraging strong communication skills, both written and verbal, and actively listening to client needs
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $83-90k

Client Services Representative
  • Conducted consultations with diverse clients, providing insights into a range of investment offerings
  • Addressed client issues promptly, ensuring satisfactory resolutions and maintaining positive account experiences
  • Collaborated with start-up founders, guiding them through application and funding processes to establish strong partnerships
  • Coordinated closely with operations and due diligence teams, contributing to streamlined processes and improved client services
  • Played a crucial role in onboarding new clients, facilitating seamless integration and ensuring comprehensive understanding of services
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $47-49k

Client Relationship Manager
  • Developed and maintained robust client relationships through effective communication and personalized service, leading to consistently high client satisfaction scores as acknowledged by internal surveys
  • Collaborated seamlessly with cross-functional teams to identify and address client needs and concerns, implementing tailored solutions and overseeing loan restructuring initiatives
  • Led cross-functional teams through the successful execution of underwriting approval processes and product/pricing negotiations as required for optimal client outcomes
  • Drove a culture of continuous improvement by optimizing processes and systems, fostering collaboration with internal and external partners to enhance overall operational efficiency
  • Conducted regular client meetings, ensuring a deep understanding of their financial needs and providing personalized solutions to align with their specific requirements
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $91-99k

Fund Administrative Analyst
  • Oversaw the management of the investor portal, addressing inquiries and handling data input for quarterly investor balances, document management, and the maintenance of investor communication preferences
  • Successfully managed underlying fund accounts, ensuring proper document organization, timely quarterly reporting, and accurate input of all capital call and distribution data received through Salesforce
  • Contributed to various special projects assigned by heads of the compliance or business development teams, which included conducting audit requests, preparing investor reports, handling tax documents, and managing cash flows
  • Maintained a proactive approach in handling responsibilities related to investor relations, ensuring accuracy and adherence to compliance standards
  • Collaborated with team members to streamline processes and enhance efficiency in fund administration, contributing to the overall success of the wealth management operations
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $65-67k

Financial Consultant
  • Provided remote financial consultancy services, assisting financial advisors with various client account matters, including retirement and non-retirement accounts
  • Managed fund transfers between accounts through ACH or wire transfers, ensuring smooth transactions and optimal financial management
  • Supported financial advisors in fee write-offs, account closures, and check distributions to clients or third parties
  • Collaborated with financial advisors on setting up client accounts, offering guidance on tools and processing requests
  • Efficiently handled the transfer of accounts, both outbound and inbound, between firms
  • Demonstrated commitment to client service and financial operations while working remotely
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $79-83k

Client Services Associate
  • Administered trust accounts and investment management services within a banking institution, overseeing the registration of individuals as the ITF on the accounts
  • Managed and monitored trust accounts, working closely with the trustee to ensure compliance with regulations and to benefit third-party beneficiaries
  • Offered a comprehensive suite of financial services, including securities, brokerage, banking, money management, and financial advisory services to clients
  • Facilitated the full range of investment-related transactions, from securities trading to money management, to meet the diverse needs of clients
  • Collaborated with clients to provide expert guidance on financial matters, ensuring a tailored approach to wealth management aligned with their goals and objectives
  • Based in Austin; Targeting $47-49k

Which candidates above would you like to meet with?

Please let me know your additional hiring requirements, and I will match you with your ideal technical and cultural fit.


Innesa Burrola
Boutique Recruiting CEO 
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