Hard Money Loans for Owner Occupied Borrowers

Owner-occupied hard money loans are considered principal residence Loans, alternative financing, and private money loans. 

Reasons Why Borrowers Use Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans 

  • Bad Credit 
  • Hard to prove income 
  • Self Employed 
  • or dealing with a problem property  

    Typical borrowers refinance this loan after qualifying for a conventional or FHA loan. 

    Common Uses of Occupied Loans 
  • Buying a first or second home. 
  • Refinance an existing loan. 
  • Cash out for repairs or remodeling. 
  • Cash out for debt consolidation.  

Owner Occupied Hard Money Loan Program Options  

100% financing is available if the borrower has another free and clear property, or has a small mortgage with value (substantial equity) to pledge as additional collateral ( aka Cross Collateralized Loan).  

Arizona Hard Money Lender is making real estate loans to both Investors and owner-occupants in Arizona. 

Typical Arizona private hard money programs for owner-occupants are below. 


Typically, there are no pre-payment penalties on our loans. 



Down payment: 30% – 40%. 

Up to 60% or 70% of the appraised value 

Up to 100% financing with a 2nd free and clear property as additional collateral. 



Up to 65% of the appraised value 

Up to 100% financing with a 2nd free and clear property as additional collateral  


            A loan Origination fee of 2 to 6 points (2 to 6% of the Loan Amount).  

Requirements For Owner-Occupied Hard Money Loans 

Income must be able to be verified by a 3rd party source. 

If the owner-occupied loan is considered a "high-cost loan," hazard insurance and property taxes must be impounded for the 1st year of the loan. This is the borrower’s responsibility. 

Disclosure laws require us to inform you of the loan terms before signing any loan documents. These are the exact requirements of a traditional bank loan. 

Apply for an Owner Occupied Hard Money Loan 

If you want to see if you qualify for an owner-occupied hard money loan in Arizona, call us today at 602-497-4444 or fill out our loan application to get started. Getting your owner-occupied hard money loan is simple and fast; we do the funding!  So, if we say you’re approved, you’d better start packing to move into your new home! 

The owner-occupied Arizona hard money loans program makes it easy for you to get the new home you need despite not having credit, having bad credit, or even if you’re not from the United States.   

Owner-occupied home loans using private hard money have easier requirements than investor loans and can benefit from our cross-collateral 100% LTV loan option. 

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